Mission Statement - Meta Park

We want to grow with our customers and establish successful companies.
Our foundation is our experience to establish businesses in the area
of contents (intellectual property) and health care.

Our services are overall backoffice function, funding and financing of
entities, managing growth businesses.
Our strength is streamlining operations, increasing efficiency and speed,
M&A and financing. Based on this we want to provide services for the
21 century, not only for Japan but for the overall worldwide market.

To be successful in the content and medical business you need a handle
on both the content/clinical side and the business side.

Meta Park has tools to help creators and doctors to run an efficient operation
so creators/doctors can better serve their customers/patients and community.

Mission Statement (Dental Clinic)
We want to contribute to the continuous enhancement of the public's oral
health and dental profession's advancement.
Our foundation is our experience in the area of dental care.